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Squiggle Ring



Simple Sterling Silver Ring with a Brass Squiggle

Band is apx 1/2" wide on top and tapered to apx 3/8" at the back for a comfortable fit

Depending on the size of the ring determines how far around the squiggle goes, in other words the squiggle does not wrap all the way around the ring (pic. 2)

If you're searching for matching rings that can be worn by females and males - this is the ring for you!

***Because of the width of this ring (1/2") I recommend adding 1/4 size to your regular ring size***

***I highly recommend visiting your local jeweler to have them professionally size you.  Please don't download a "ring sizer" from the internet, and please don't use a string to measure your finger - neither of these are accurate!***

***All of my rings are in US sizes***