Shiny Cuff Bracelet



Stack it or wear it alone!

1/8" Round Sterling Silver Shiny Cuff Bracelet.

Sturdy and heavy duty, this cuff won't lose it's shape while you wear it. It will fit most wrist sizes at apx. 6 inches long. It can be adjusted smaller or a little larger by shaping it with your fingers - VERY GENTLY!!!

***Have you ever noticed when you wear a cuff bracelet, it gets caught when you turn your wrist? I have the solution - as you can see in the pictures the ends are a little off from centered. 

I've found that with the ends slightly "wonky" my cuff bracelets are very comfortable to wear.

You'll love it!

Last 2 pictures show the Shiny Cuff paired with a Textured Cuff - found HERE