Denim Lapis Cuff Bracelet



Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

6mm Wide x 2mm Thick x 6 inches Long (apx)

 It's topped off with a pretty Denim Lapis sitting on a Recycled Sterling Silver Blob

The cuff features a cute Flower Pattern on one side and Animal Print on the other

Sturdy and heavy duty, this cuff won't lose it's shape while you wear it. It can be adjusted smaller or a little larger by shaping it with your fingers - VERY GENTLY!!


***Have you ever noticed when you wear a cuff bracelet, it gets caught when you turn your wrist? I have the solution - as you can see in the pictures the ends are a little off from centered. 

I've found that with the ends slightly "wonky" my cuff bracelets are very comfortable to wear.

You'll love it!